CrewHire English Assessment App Key Features

Carefully designed to test English listening and speaking skills, plus vocabulary, grammar, reading, and comprehension abilities.

Spoken English Assessment

Get a complete picture of each user’s language abilities by assessing crucial spoken communication skills, including pronunciation.

Voice Biometric Verification

This built-in feature allows admins to authenticate that a participant’s spoken English assessments have been recorded by one person from start to finish.

Maritime Hospitality Relevance

Questions assess real-life onboard situations and department specific terminology widely used throughout the industry.

User Certificates of Completion

After each completed assessment, a certificate of completion is generated with an overall CEFR level and CEFR levels by language ability.

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Available on most smartphone devices, including a desktop version to complement your shipboard training experience.

24 / 7 On or Off the cruise ship

Anytime, anywhere, on or off the ship, users can access learning modules around the clock with an available internet connection.

Multiple Languages Supported

CrewHire English Assessment App offers 14 support languages, including Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Malay, Bahasa Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and more.

Insight Manager Dashboard

This tool allows designated administrative managers to access all relevant test results in real time.