Common questions about the app

Can applicants applying for land-based positions take the CrewHire English Assessment?

The application content is primarily tailored for shipboard employment; however, it can also be used for hotel hospitality assessment/ training as well.

Can I take a break half way through taking the assessment and then continue later?

Candidates will have a total of 60 minutes to complete the assessment before it times out.

Can you skip or not answer questions during the assessment and later return to complete those unanswered questions?

Any unanswered or skipped questions will not be counted towards your overall total. However, 75% of the assessment must be completed to calculate an objective score.

Is there a practice test before I begin the actual assessment?

To better understand the full scope of the application/assessment; a mandatory warm up test will be issued to each user the first time.

Can the assessment be taken without an internet connection?

No, the application requires an active, stable internet connection in order to be used.

Can I go back to skipped or unanswered questions after I click next?

No, the option to go backwards in the assessment is unavailable after you click next.

Can I activate multiple assessment modules at once without taking them immediately?

Yes, you can activate multiple assessments at once without having to take them right away. However, after 90 days have passed, the license will expire.

How do I retrieve my score after I completed an assessment?

Users can download their certificates immediately after the assessments have been completed.

Can I start my assessments on my own device and later continue on another device?

No, the assessments cannot function on another device once downloaded and activated.

What if my voice biometric does not match with the spoken assessment component?

If the spoken component does not match your voice biometric, the assessment will be invalid.

Is there a minimum score required for a shipboard employment position?

Depending on the position you are applying for, score requirement will differ but for the safety compliance assessment, all candidates must score a minimum of A2.

Will I be considered for employment if my score is lower than the A2 requirement?

If you score below the A2 requirement, a recruiter can still request to verify your assessment results at a later time.

How long is the wait time in order to re-take the assessment?

The recommended time frame to improve and re-assess your English skills is two months